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Personal Injury Law Firm


Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.– John wanamaker

John Wanamaker was wrong.

Over 80% of lawyers waste their advertising budget in efforts that do not yield results. They either have improper tracking,  a poor understanding of the google search platform and/or poor marketing practices.

How many times have you ran expensive ads only to have your past clients click on your ads and waste your ad dollars?

Or maybe people calling for bankruptcy, divorce or immigration attorneys when you are a personal injury law firm.

We’ve seen it over and over again. Digital marketing “agencies” that claim to do it all.

That is why we decided to specialize in advertising for personal injury law firms.

Read to find out how we made over $2 million dollars in a single month to an unbranded and mostly unknown law firm.



This is a case study for one month of ad spend. 

This client was mostly interested in personal injury cases. We targeted cases in personal injury, car/uber accidents, slip and fall, medical malpractice, wrongful death and workers compensation.

We created landing pages, advertising campaigns and set up the tracking with Google Tag Manager/Google Analytics and integrated all platforms with the use of 3rd-party applications. 




Performed a comprehensive site audit.


Identified desired case areas.


Built account structure and high converting landing pages.


Set up call-tracking and routing system for the intake department.


Monitor traffic for lead quality, volume and fraud.


Make adjustments to the messaging and the targeting as price fluctuates throughout the month.

Final Result

In the month of January, $83,713 were spent advertising on Google. We had established that a qualified lead was any person calling for the first time (not a repeat caller or a past client in any way) and needed a personal injury attorney for a valid, valuable case area that we serviced and were currently targeting.

Each lead was cross checked and referenced through Salesforce and Google to make sure that they qualified as a valid lead.

These leads that are being reported are not past callers, wrong numbers or wrong callers, people calling to check their case status, or different case areas. These are all vetted as high-value leads.


Total Spend

Total Qualified Leads

Total Cost Per Lead

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